Daenagric is a body of knowledgeable and dedicated experts that specializes in agribusiness – engaging in agrichemicals, breeding, crop production (farming and contract farming), livestock production, farm machinery, as well as marketing, processing, distribution, supply and sales of agricultural products and equipments. It also promote better life for rural farmers, encourage youth participation in agriculture, foster campaign for sustainable agriculture, advocate for poverty alleviation and provides agricultural education, extension and consultancy services.

This website was designed to provide an avenue where buyers of agricultural products and equipments can conveniently access their goods either in large quantity or small quantity and to request for other agricultural services. It is also initiated to create awareness on the challenges rural farmers encounter in agricultural production and in their general well being. It is pertinent to know that we emphasized rural farmers because, in Nigeria, agriculture is the major and easiest source of livelihood for the poor of which majority are located in the rural areas where about 70% of farm produce are produced. The blog on platform is also an avenue for farmers and potential farmers to be educated and be enlightened on sustainable agriculture thus ensuring food security.

The home page has three menus which includes About, Agric. Info and E-commerce.

This website provides space for advert, thus guideline could be located in the E-commerce menu.


Ensuring food security, reducing food waste and better life for farmers.

• To facilitate access to quality agricultural produce and inputs.
• To promote poverty alleviation programs that will help in educating farmers on sustainable agriculture and connecting farmers to buyers of their produce.
• To advocate for poor rural farmers on the provision of basic amenities by the government.
• To encourage and support youth and women participation in agricultural production.

Daenagric started in July, 2009 as selfless body geared towards educating rural farmers on sustainable agriculture, advocating for the regeneration of desert encroached lands in the northern part of Nigeria, promoting youth participation in agriculture, encouraging the public to earn a living in agriculture.

In 2017 we ventured into agribusiness discovering many opportunities and post harvest challenges and waste encountered by rural farmers. The body became registered business in Nigeria 2017.