Amb. Abdulfatai Yahaya Seriki Gambari was visited by the European Climate Pact Ambassador in Nigeria, Amb. L.A Mayaki-Akinpelu, and the representative of AfriEarth Foundation, Mr Kabir Ahmed. Amb. Yahaya Seriki expresses his concern over how the vulnerable especially, Children, Women, Farmers and the rural people are being affect by the phenomenon called Climate Change. He highlighted how the effect of climate change is affecting the economy, health, food production and the environment, and emphasized that an urgent action need to be taken to mitigate and adapt the rising effect of climate change, and possibly bring a remarkable resilience to the effect. Yahaya Seriki reiterated that rising poverty in our society could only be checked through climate change adaptation and resilience management because more than 70% of the population relies on natural resources as a means of livelihood. He acknowledged that it is a global challenge, therefore, a combine effort is needed to control it. He stated that in Kwara state, they experience heat waves, drought, rain storm and flood, changing rainfall pattern, degraded soil and others which we hardly experienced in some decades ago. Amb. Yahaya Seriki,  pleaded on leaders to put hands together to bringing an end to this phenomenon and save the future of our children. This could be done through implementing green policies, drifting to renewable energy, sustainable food production and consumption, and green transport. On his part, as a Senator come 2023, he will support green bills, and personally, he will continue to rely on renewable energy for power, engage in sustainable food production and promote tree planting. Subsequently, to crown up the visit, he donates 50 million naira to support the fight against climate change.

The Representative of AfriEarth Foundation appreciates his gesture and his long time will in contributing to fighting climate change and ensuring sustainable food production. He promised to support his vision in promoting sustainable food production in the area of research and implementation. He mentioned that AfriEarth Foundation had been working with Yahaya Seriki Foundation in alleviating poverty in Kwara and will not relent because of Amb. Yahaya Seriki’s, vision for HUMANITY FIRST.

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